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Dermitech offers clinical phototherapy equipment from Daavlin, a leading manufacturer of clinical phototherapy equipment.

We provide training and support for your patients who find it inconvenient or costly to perform phototherapy in the clinic.

Clinic Phototherapy Equipment

Add or improve your treatment options for  profitable and in-demand diagnoses


Adding phototherapy to your practice allows you to treat your patients with photo-responsive skin diseases and provides an additional revenue source that reimburses up to $500 a week or more per patient. Daavlin’s easy to use units offer a variety of treatment options for your patients. 

Home Phototherapy

 Allow patients to treat their skin condition
in the comfort of their home


Dermitech specialists will handle virtually all of the details of a home equipment order. We coordinate with the patient, insurance, the clinic, and the equipment supplier to ensure the patient receives the prescribed equipment and is confident in its use.

Home Phototherapy Equipment Manufactured By:

What Dermitech
Provides to You

What Dermitech
Provides to Your Patient

What Dermitech
Provides to You

What Dermitech
Provides to Your Patient

Prescribing Home Phototherapy

To provide your patient with a home phototherapy device, we need a
Prescription Order Form signed by a licensed provider.


The information on the right of the Prescription Order Form serves a the statement of medical necessity. If insurance is used, the insurance provider will also require 5-10 pages of chart notes to confirm medical necessity.


Please fax this information to
214-414-2533 or
email here.


Once we have the Prescription Order Form from you, we will work directly with the patient to coordinate details involving insurance and delivery.


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