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For Patients

Dermitech provides home treatment
technology to heal and rejuvenate your skin

For Providers

Dermitech provides clinical
and in-home dermatology equipment

Delivering Technology To Heal And Rejuvenate Your Skin

Dermitech is a manufacturers representative and distributor of dermatology equipment for clinical and home use.  We provide the latest technology to help diagnose and treat skin conditions due to aging, disease, autoimmune disorders and other factors.  Dermitech also offers accessories and other items related to dermatology.

We’ve Walked The Walk

The company founder, a former high-tech industry executive, battled psoriasis for over 15 years before discovering the “miracle” of narrowband UVB phototherapy.  He formed Dermitech to help others gain access to this technology and we are now focused on promoting a wide array of technologies and treatments for patients with skin complications. 





Panasol 3


 Clinical Phototherapy



 Clinical Phototherapy

Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis



Patient Training Provided for All Home Medical Equipment

In-home services available in selected areas in Texas












Comprehensive Support For In-Home Equipment

Complete Training and Long-term followup

In-home services available in selected areas in Texas