What Dermitech can do for you:  If needed, we can help you choose the home device that provides the most effective treatment while minimizing the patient's out-of-pocket expense.  We handle patient training, guidance and questions to keep your staff focused.  We can also handle or help with dosing, paperwork and any other details.

What Dermitech can do for your patient: 
We train and guide your patient to make sure the equipment is operated safely and to your instructions, ensuring treatment success.  For larger units, we deliver, assemble and demonstrate your patient's equipment in their home.  We also offer a rental program to obtain positive treatment results needed for insurance coverage.
Below are links to forms and other helpful information to help make prescribing home dermatology equipment easy for you and the patient.  Please call if you have any questions or need more information.  Dermitech is here to help!
Provider's Page for Home Dermatology Equipment
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