Evaluation Program
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United States
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Dermitech is the only company in the USA that offers a selection of phototherapy equipment to evaluate in your home.  This program provides a convenient and low-cost way to determine effectiveness treating your condition -or- to provide evidence of phototherapy success to help ensure insurance coverage of an eventual purchase.
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How it Works
Evaluate a phototherapy device for three months

Absolutely no obligation to buy at the end of the term

All but $50 of the evaluation fee is credited toward a purchase of the same or larger device if you purchase through Dermitech

Delivery, training, guidance and treatment advice all included
If the device does not successfully treat your condition, or you decide not to purchase for any reason, we take the equipment back.  No sales pitches, no hidden fees, no worrying about what to do with the equipment.
National Program (Continental USA)
You can evaluate the Daavlin DermaPal hand-held device (1" x 4.5" treatment area) or the Daavlin 1 Series small panel (9" x 18" treatment area) anywhere in the continental USA.
Local Program (D/FW Metroplex, Austin, Houston, East Texas)
If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Austin, Houston or East Texas, full body units are also available to evaluate.  For larger units, home delivery and setup requires an extra fee.